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24 January 2012 @ 07:12 pm
First day of the semester and I am already stressed... oh well I will get through it, the summer will be here before I know it ;)
06 February 2010 @ 04:46 am
It'smjy birthdayyy :)

I went to to aperty witrh my friends and at midnight threy all sang for me and forced me to do shots and nwo I am drunk :) it's almost 5am and I should go to sleep becausde later troday I asm going to the mall with some other friends and then my relatives are coming over :)

Great start of my dsay wohoooooooooooooo
15 June 2009 @ 04:17 pm
I just got a bill for 11 534 Dollars... FML!
31 May 2009 @ 09:51 pm

ok so I know I haven't written in months... sorry ;)

So what has happend since last???? I have worked alot and I love my friends at work so most days are fun. Other days are awful but that's life I suppose lol
What else... I have spent time with friends, the weather have been mazing for the most part so alot of times we went to the beach and hung out. I haven't been in the water yet though cause it is freeeeezing! Besides I like pools better :)

Ohh Mars was here one weekend which was so much fun! She came on a saturday morning and we went shopping first... well we baught candy first and movie tickets for later that night and then shopping. I didn't find anything as usual, I am so picky when it comes to clothes but Mars found a bunch of cute clothes. Then we went to the beach were we had lunch, ok to be honest she had lunch, she had a pasta sallad and I ate donuts ;)
We sat there a couple of hours just talking and took some pictures and then we started to walk back to the center of the city where they had a carnival. We "won" stuffed animals there but didn't go on any of the rides. We then went to a park and took some more pictures and then we ate dinner at McDonalds before seeing 17 Again. I birned my face that day, I was sooo red lol
Sunday we went to the mall I work at for some more shopping. Again I found nothing and mars found alot lol then we went home and had some bbq before it was time for Mars to go home :(

In two weeks I am gonna work for UEFA a couple of dates. The european championship for under 21 is played here in my city some of the games and I am gonna chaperone all the kids that walk out holding hands with the players. It sounds like such an easy job, I will only have 4 kids... I mean how easy is that! Should be fun at least, I have met the other people that will work with me and they all seem fun. It will be lond days though since we start at lunch and get off when the games are over, and they don't start until like 9pm.

I am also gonna babysit a couple of times, a friend of a friend is coming to sweden for her sisters wedding and she asked if I could babysit her twin boys that are 2 years old. I said yesof course because I wanted to help out, she then says her other sister is also comig to sweden for the wedding and she has twin boys that are 4 and a girl that is 1. 5 kids 4 years and younger sounded alittle too much but she sais she wanted me to get a friend so we could be 2 people with all 5 so me and my friend Susanne will babysit them together. Don't know how much swedish the kids know or speak, both their moms are swedish but one dad is Irish and they live in Dubai, and the other dad is American and they live in the states. But we can always speak english with them I guess.

What else? Ohh today is mothersday here in sweden. Yes I know we are late, the rest of the world already had it a couple of weeks ago but here it has always been the last sunday of May.
So last night when I came home from work and my mom was in bed I baked a cake and made her favourite chocolate. I had also baught a spa set with like body butter and stuff like that from The body shop and then some mascara and nailpolish. I put everything except the cake on the table so she would see it when she woke up, the cake I put in the fridge.
I also made the whole dinner since I had the whole day off today. I made swedish meatballs, YUM!

This week I ave worked 6 days, and it will be the same next week... all nights :( I am so sick of only working nights. I want some day times too!
Well I think I have written enough now, don't really expect anyone to actually read all of it lol

04 March 2009 @ 05:04 pm
I am sooo tired now I am seriously fighting to stay awake... but I can NOT fall alseep now because then I won't be able to sleep tonight. I have been having problems sleeping at night and it is very annoying. No matter what time i try to go to bed I can't fall alseep and I don't know why.

I decided to take some extra hours at work this week because I need the money and I like to work. I get bored just sitting at home and I can't go out and do stuff because my friends have work/school and I am tryin to save money. Well anyway I took an opening today which means I start working at 8am so I had to get up at 6.30am and when you can't sleept at night that is not the easiest thing to do lol
Well I get to work 15 minutes early so I would have time to change clotes... but of course my boss isn't there so I have to sit outside in the coooold for 30 minutes because he was running late . I am not surprised, he is not very organised my boss, I know more stuff about work then he does lol
I didn't have any breakfast before work because i can't eat that early and I was suppose to get a 30 minutes break. But that didn't happen so I was soooo hungry when I could go home. But my boss did give me free food because he never gave me my break, and I don't really care not getting a break. I am used to not eating for long periods of time from this summer when my jaw was broken :D
I had an Oreo McFlurry after work and it was sooooooo good! Made me miss america :(
My boss just called me and asked if i could work opening again tomorrow :) SCORE more money for me ;)

I have dl alooot of movies this last week but I haven't seen them all yet. I saw Milk and Benjamin Button and Seven Pounds the other night and they were good. I saw Slumdog a few weeks ago and that was a really cute movie, I see how it got so many awards. I still have Changeling and Australia to watch... might do that this weekend
I also dl a movie I loved as a kid... Beaches, aww the memories it brings back!
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17 February 2009 @ 10:21 pm
Ok so I realize I might have sounded alittle dramatic in my last entry, but no need to worry. I am NOT suicidal! lol

I was just extremely tired (hadn't slept for 48 hours) and had the worst migrane I had ever had... and I had to work the whole night. That is not a good combination but I took like 4 painkillers and that worked. And I was able to sleep last night so today I feel great again :)

I didn't have work today so I went to a womans gym for the first time and it feels good to work out again. It's a weird gym though... you only do an excersize for 45 seconds and then you switch to the next. And you aletrnate between cardio stations like treadmills and spinning, and then muscle mashines. I guess I will know tomorrow if I am soar from it or not, don't really feel anything right now.

My whole family went and saw the light shows they have in the city right now "love and lights". And they are soooo cool and it looks so pretty everywhere. The city park that is usually so dark and scary to go through when it's dark it lit up by candles and chandeliers hanging from the trees, and they play soft pretty music... SO PRETTY!!! It was really cold though... we have gotten snow the last couple of days but today it was just cold and the snow from the oter days was still on the ground.

Tomorrow it is back to work again :)
16 February 2009 @ 11:44 am
I just want to die...
02 December 2008 @ 06:49 pm
Wow I haven't updated in AGES!!!
Lots have happend, went to the States over the summer and got in an accident so that wa kinda a bummer. But I still had a good time even if I had a broken jaw and a broken wrist.
And I got to meet Mars in Seattle which was ALOT of fun!

This weekend I was in Stockholm with Mars to visit Maria and spend thanksgiving with her and a bunch of other friends. I don't think I have laughed as much as I did over the weekend.
Friday we arrived and took the bus from the airport to the centralstation were Maria met up with us. Then we went to her place and dropped our bags before heading out to the movies to meet up with Olivia to see Twilight. After we walked around stockholm were a bunch of guys came up wanting us to go to various parties with them. We ad decided to act like we were from America because we had all been there recently, some longer then others, so we only spoke english.
The we took the subway to the south part of the city and went to a bar and found a really cool little room were we could sit and talk and have fun. A drunk guy came in and acted like a pimp for his boss who apperantly was "the boss of sweden" . When we asked what he did he was in charge of Bananas lol "the boss" was very shy and when his pimp asked him to get us drinks eventhough we told them we didn't want any he went to the bar and bought us drinks. It was all very weird lol
But we did found out that night that when we spoke englisg more guys would hit on you lol

Then Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiing (I know we were 2 days late but we were all working on thursday). We cooked all day and the food was AMAZING! The night was a success! We played singstar after dinner which was sooo much fun. Afer that it was guitar hero time and then we played boardgames and that is when we realised that it was already 5am so some people had to leave. Then we enden up with 6 people left of the 13 we were in the beginning, and the 6 of us played this really´weird but hilarious game. We all got so into it and laughed our asses off! Then at 8am we went to bed... well 1 person slept on a chair, me plus 2 others slept on a pull-out-couch and the others slept in beds.
Around 10.30 we got up and the people who weren't staying there went home while Mars and Maria and I stayed. I had really bad stomach pains so I stayed in bed for awhile after I took a pill, and the two M's were good and cleaned up the kitchen.
Then we went to a x-mas fair at an amusement park and we got a picture with Santa :D it was so pretty there with all the lights!

And then yesterday we flew home again :( I miss the 2 Marias :(
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22 May 2008 @ 01:48 am
ok so I went to Stockholm for the embassy meeting to get my Visa. Had to wait outside for awhile before I could go through security and while I was waiting I started talking to the cuuute guy that was behind me. Then it was my turn to go and of course I made the mashine beep... so I had to take off my headband and go again, and beeped. I took off my sunglasses and still beeped and then take off my shoes and walk through again, this time the security guys all started to beep as I walked through as a joke lol

well I made it in and handed over all my papers and sat down to wait. And the cute guy comes over and sits next to me and we spend the next hour and a half talking and having fun. Sucks that he is gonna spend the next 4 years in Montana otherwise I so would have gotten his number!

Anyways then I have my 2 minute interview and is informed that my visa should arrive on Monday at the latest so it is now official, I AM GOING TO CALIFORNIA *jumps up and down* Just booked the hotel in NYC because the first 4 days are spent there :)

After the embassy meeting we had lunch and then met up with my aunt and uncle and little cousin. I haven't seen them in 3 years so that was fun. Anna is now 11 years old and she loves Hannah Montana and HSM hehe She was like have you seen Hairspray? so I said yes, and she goes Zac who plays link is in another movie I like, HSM... yeah I kinda know that lol
But she is cute, everyone says she is a mini version of me because I used to have blonde hair too and hers is getting darker too, but I don't think she will get as dark as me. 
She kept taking my picture and I even halped her with her english homework lol that was abit weird but fun hehe

well it's 2am and I have work tomorrow so I should sleep

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15 April 2008 @ 09:13 pm
I got accepted to the orgnisation so I am one step closer to California and a sunny amazing summer. Now all that is left is that Nick confirms my placement and I go to the interview at the american embassy. Oh and fill in about 40 more forms but I don't mind that, I am getting used to them by now lol

I am so excited and hyper at the moment, the hyperness might be because of the redbull I am drinking though hehe

until later

xoxo Gossip girl Liz
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